About Us

John Phillips has been a Safety Director with more than 20 years of real world safety experience with 4 Fortune 500 companies. His combined experience, teaching expertise, and the use of basic fundamentals produced effective safety programs for Lockheed Corp.,. Hughes Aircraft Company, Miller Brewing Company, McCormick’s/Schilling, Inc., and others. A past president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers, as well as Vice President of Membership on the A.S.S.E. Board of Directors. Received his B.S. degree from Central State University in Ohio. He is a Lt. Col., U.S Army, Retired.

He currently owns Drive Friendly Driving and Traffic School, teaching Teenagers to Seniors defensive driving skills. He also teaches the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ Driver Instructor 40 hour Certification course. He is a member of the Nevada Professional Driving SchoolAssociation. He serves on the City of Las Vegas Traffic and Parking Commission, appointed by Councilman Larry Brown.


DMV Certified (All States)

Traffic laws are made for the safety and convenience of those who use our streets and highways. Traffic regulations grow out of experience. They are based on the practices which the majority users have found to be good.

Practices found to be good are finally enacted into laws. Most motorists realize that complying with such regulations is a good thing to do, and so observe these laws voluntarily.

The protective nature of traffic regulations is shown by the fact that PRACTICALLY EVERY TRAFFIC COLLISION INVOLVES AT LEAST ONE VIOLATION OF THE LAW.

We know that some drivers violate because they are ignorant of the law, and many because they failed to develop a mature, responsible attitude toward their duty as drivers. The TRAFFIC SAFETY COURSE represents an effort

on the part of your community to save lives and property – possibly your own – through a course of instruction and testing designed to make you a better driver. This course can help you if you are a normal person with normal

respect for the rights and safety of others. It can do nothing for you if you are one of a small number who violate the law deliberately.

If you elect or are ordered to attend TRAFFIC SCHOOL, the following  information is important:

  1. Classes: are held at 1161 South Buffalo, Suite #101

Las Vegas, NV. 89117 (See Directions)

(Fridays Only)

  1. Times: Regular 5 hour course – 5:30PM – 10:30PM

6 hour course – 4:30PM – 10:30PM

8 hour course – (Repeat Offender) 2:30PM-10:30PM

12 hour course – 4;30PM – 10:30PM (two sessions)

  1. Certificate: Issued the same night after successful completion of the course.
  2. Demerit This course is the easiest way to get 3 demerit points

Points: removed from your driving record.

  1. Refreshments: Light refreshments provided at no cost (Fee)
  2. Cost: 5 hour course – $35.00

6 hour course – $40.00

8 hour course – $60.00

12 hour course – $80.00 (2-6hour classes)

Defensive Driving Class

Classes designed to meet organizations’ safety and time needs.

$25.00 per attendee minimum 10 per class (under 10 students the cost is $40.00 per student).


  1. Look Ahead
  2. Keep Scanning
  3. Plan For Escape
  4. Be Seen

Most hazardous day to drive = Fridays

Safest day to drive = Sunday (fewer vehicles on the road)

Safest month to drive = March (no holidays)

Most dangerest month to drive = November

Safest color for a car = White or Yellow